Tuesday, November 30, 2021



The writerly voice is the personality of the narration.

This blog, for example, has its own voice. A touch of angst, a sprinkle of wistfulness, and an evident struggle with preachiness that I don’t always win.


Writing fiction is similar in that the narration, even when not in first person, is a person of sorts.


I have rarely gone in the lyrical direction, but some pieces just did it anyway. I recall both my critique groups and later my agent’s surprise to get lyrical writing from me. Those pieces write themselves and sing that-a-way.


I’ll be honest; the lyrical pieces feel as if they come from some other source. My everyday writing voice has a touch of angsty attempted wit, which I hope isn’t too self-conscious.


My experience is that the writerly voice is the same inner voice that talks/tells to self, but more organized as writing must be.


In other words, the voice cannot be taught but the organizational aspect can. In fact, that mechanical/organizing craft is something you improve with practice and reading. How your inner voice speaks, however, is innate. All you can do is shape and polish it.


Musing on a wistful end of fall day here.


Kelly Hashway said...

I couldn't agree more.

Evelyn said...

An interesting blog post. I actually have no idea what kind of writer's voice I have.

Vijaya said...

Voice--so interesting. It's literally how you speak and this is why I need silence to hear the voices of my characters but there's definitely that unique voice we each have and we can only develop it with writing lots. It's not only in our word choices, but the pauses we take. I remember as a newbie writer how I would practice writing a certain way, copying authors I admired. But in the end I had to find my own way through the woods. I love it when stories are given to me in their entirety, voice included :) Happy writing Mirka.

Johnell said...

The elusive yet ever present "voice". Love it. Happy Chanukah.

Sherry Ellis said...

Such pretty leaves! Looks like a beautiful fall day where you're at.

Sue said...

Good one.