Tuesday, August 3, 2021



There are two places where the dead still live.

The first is in our hearts and minds.

The second is on Internet databases.


Today would have been my mother’s ninety-third birthday. It’s still her birthday, (the date she was born) but it can’t be the ninety-third, as she left this world thirteen years ago.


But on Internet databases she is now listed as being of a ripe old age she never got to be in real life. Most of these “find anyone” sites never seem to find death certificates. If they do, they don’t account for such in the information anyone can google.


For me, the date remains a monumental one, regardless.

Here she is, long before I was even a thought:

🎉Happy Birthday🍻


Vijaya said...

She's so beautiful, Mirka. I see you in her. Light and love, always!

MirkaK said...

Such a lovely photograph!

Mirka Breen said...

Thank you Vijaya and MirkaK. My mother never though of herself as lovely, so in a way it's overdue :)

Evelyn said...

I love that picture of your mom, Mirka! She may not have thought of herself as lovely, but her personality shines through and makes me wish I could have known her.

Barbara Etlin said...

What a great photo! I can see a resemblance. For sure, you'll always remember this important date.

Sherry Ellis said...

What a pretty lady! It's nice that technology can help us preserve information about loved ones.

Vonna said...

Your mother was a lovely young woman! A recent passing comment from my son got me interested in researching my family tree. It's fascinating how much information is available on the internet, but also amazing that so much of it is incorrect.