Tuesday, July 13, 2021


I’m allowing myself to indulge in some just fun (for whom? for me) photos I  post here. I hope you, too, will enjoy looking at today’s peek into another's life.

Hey, it’s summer. 🌞

Summer used to mean a break. 👙

I haven’t earned a break, but I’m sort of taking it. 🍨

So here are some of my favorite things:

{Technically, only the first and last are “things”}

One crust apple pie with streusel topping^
Miss Nougat^
Ms. Clara^
Mr. Sokolov^
One enchanted evening from my window^

How about yours?


Evelyn said...

I loved seeing some of your favs. That rainbow was incredible! And, yes, please I'd like a taste of your pie and please give your kitties a hug for me.

Vijaya said...

I see that the kitties are teaching you well! Love it. And that rainbow--so beautiful! Always reminds me that God keeps His promises.

Tina Cho said...

Oh, that is a fun summer blog post idea! I've been cooking a lot too and seeing incredible sunsets during my evening walks.

Janie Junebug said...

Such good photos! I love the kitties.