Tuesday, May 25, 2021



Creatives have answered the title question differently but, not surprisingly, some patterns that seem near universal emerge.

I have friends who say the hardest part is—

 *Just getting started (as in staring at an empty canvas)

*Muddling through the sagging middle (this one is close to universal)

*Finding how and where to end (A talented friend struggles with this)

*Revising beyond a superficial dusting (This requires input from others, IMO)

*Putting your work “out there” (Many creatives never do because it is. too. blasting. hard.)


But worthwhile things are often hard. So this is not a complaint, but a list of blessings.

©Grant Snider


Kelly Hashway said...

I would like to add "coming up with a title for the book" the list. I always struggle with that one.

Johnell said...

The middle! That's my hardest part always.

Evelyn said...

Getting started for me.

Vijaya said...

Middles are hard for me--shiny new ideas are always tempting me. But as you say, we are so blessed to have this writing life, this life of the imagination. It is hard but how sweet it is too.

MirkaK said...

Actually, all the parts can be difficult. Sometimes it's hard to start, sometimes I'm raring to go. Sometimes it's hard getting through the middle because of some blockage. And sometimes the end can be hard because I don't want the wonderful experience to end. Take your pick. It changes all the time.

Mirka Breen said...

Sounds like it's all hard for you, MirkaK. Surprising, as you write eloquently with an easy flow to your posts.

I never struggle with beginnings and endings. I have the middle slow-haul syndrome, and most of all-- the "putting it out there" morbid fear. The key is to cope with the challenging parts, whichever they are for you.

Barbara Etlin said...

Another vote for the middle. I usually love submitting because, despite the risk of rejection, it makes me feel like a real writer.