Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Are You Tired of CORONA Yet?

Beware of branding, for it may come back to burn you.

CORONA, once just a Latin word for crown and a nice sounding one at that, is now *the global enemy* to be vanquished. But remnants of its old glory branding days are everywhere.



Seltzer water^



And in case writers, ever sensitive to words, want to forget about it~~~
Hemingway’s old typewriter.^

Oh, brothers and sisters-- I need cake...


ikmar said...

It's better than Ayds, the weight loss supplement from the 1980s

Mirka Breen said...

I actually remember that brand fiasco. It was a faux product anyhow, so I didn't weep for them.

Barbara Etlin said...

My first typewriter was a Smith Corona, just like Hemingway.

On a related note, last Monday there was a repeat of the last season episode of the courtroom drama, "All Rise." It was my favourite episode so far. Anyway, it was shot mostly in split-screen format, featured a Zoom courtroom, and dealt with the new reality of life with the virus during the lockdown of Los Angeles. So there is a way--an awesome way--for writers to use this situation as a plot thread creatively and humorously in tv series.

Vijaya said...

Mine too, Barb :)

I love this collection of coronas. There's even a St. Corona and she's patron of...I'm not kidding...protection against plagues (and pandemics)

Mirka Breen said...

Well, the saint is sorely needed :)