Tuesday, January 14, 2020

This Date in Personal History

Ever wake up, note the date, and think there is something about this date that is meaningful, something you should remember, do, or register. Something important...
But nothing pops into your conscious mind. Nothing even crawls in. Nothing.

I have that feeling every few months. I wonder if the birthday of a friend from long ago (like elementary school) or some appointment or work deadline I was supposed to meet is causing this sensation. Maybe. Probably. Who knows?

And this is when I go to this date in history. When all else fails, I feel a need to connect with the collective consciousness.

So on this date in history, the fourteenth of January, in the year 1601, church authorities in Rome burned Hebrew books. Oy vey. Sadly, not the last time this would happen.
On a positive note, in 1878 the U.S.A. Supreme court ruled race separation on trains unconstitutional. It would take eighty-five years for this to sink in some states, but it’s progress.
And on this very date in 1979, President Carter proposed Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  

I still can’t connect to the date’s personal thingamajig, but I’m satisfied.

{Last year’s, ^ but I love it}

Have a wonderful day!


Evelyn said...

Both good and bad events. I'm guessing that's the way most dates are. Maybe we can each do something today to make January 14, 2020 a good day for somebody we know.

Kelly Hashway said...

Book burning makes me sad.

Today, I'm enjoying my newest release. Release days do make me happy.

Vijaya said...

That book burning! Ugh. Feeling kind of low today...

Mirka Breen said...

Anything I can do, per Ev's excellent suggestion, to make January 14th a better day for you, Vijaya? My personal go-to is going for a walk or listening to good music <3

Vijaya said...

Thank you. Both your suggestion helped, as well as a funny book from the library that made me wish I had a brain tumor :)

Mirka Breen said...

"... a funny book from the library that made me wish I had a brain tumor... "

^Wonders never cease.:O