Tuesday, November 5, 2019


If you’ve read this blog before, you know how I rail against the standard/daylight savings time change. You must be saying “’nuff already,” and “there she goes again,” and “there are much worse things, so grow up.”

Only this time I am not pleading for me. Take pity on my cats.

You see, they don’t read digital clocks, (though one of them, I swear, can read the analogue kind. She will stare at it for hours until it’s feeding time) so just pointing at the clock and saying “not yet” has no effect.

Try telling Ms. Nougat that I have one more hour to sleep. She’ll pretend to be polite for a few minutes, and then graduate to jumping and attacking the quilt and finally-- me.

Try telling Miss Clara her seven/thirteen/seventeen/twenty O’clock (think army times) feedings are not yet/not yet/not yet/not yet, and see how far that gets you.

I know, change is good. Change is a mini-vacation. In fact, why would anyone who lives in a nice place and a beautiful location schlep to a vacation? For the change, of course.
As hard as I try to convince myself these forced time changes are vacations, I can’t convince my cats.

©The New Yorker cartoons IB PG

And then, when I finally succeed, we have to do it all over again in spring.

Take pity. If not on me, then on the cats.

Ms. Nougat: “Sorry, the old seven just doesn’t feel like itself. Glad you’re up even if you prefer to still be tucked in. See how nice it is to be up an hour early? I’m on top of it, literally.”


Vijaya said...

My kitties concur with yours. Don't mess with my feeding times!

Kelly Hashway said...

My dog loves to sleep, so she had no trouble sleeping in. She did not, however, like having to wait for dinner. She was insisting it was 5:00 when it was 4:00.

Sherry Ellis said...

Poor Kitty! I understand! (I hate how dark it gets in the evening. No time for evening walks anymore.)

Evelyn said...

If I had cats, I'm sure they would concur. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh those poor, but funny cats! I'm with you about changing back and forth. I'd like it to be daylight savings time year round so that it's not already pitch black before evening comes.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Thanks for a post that made me smile. Yes, I wish we would settle on one time and keep it. That hour change does play havoc for a few days.