Tuesday, March 12, 2019


Having *just* gone onto Daylight Savings Time, (after our country's ever decreasing sojourns on standard time) those who’ve read my posts of yore know that makes me cranky.

In November 2018 the citizens of the great state of California voted to stay on Daylight Savings Time permanently. The state that champions change doesn’t enjoy it as much as you’d think. I know I don’t.

Proposition 7 passed by sixty percent of the voters. But no matter, because the Federal Uniform Time Act prevents this from happening. Yup. We can stay on standard time year round, but not on Daylight Savings. So while I personally do not care which one we stay on, (staying is the operative word for me) seems we can’t stay on DST.

Kvetch, kvetch. There are worse things than twice a year adjustments. Get over it.

But then, how would I get to experience the ground shifting discomfort that my fictional characters endure? And what would I have to complain about on a beautiful California morning?

In the words of my grandmother, (and maybe yours) “You have to have clouds. Because if every day was sunshine, how would you know how good it is?”

Adjusting over here.


Vijaya said...

I'm with you Mirka. The reason for the change no longer exists. Kvetch away.

Janie Junebug said...

The time change is annoying. I think staying on DST all year is a good idea.


Sue said...

It bugs me too!

Cherdo said...

I can adjust twice a year, but I'd rather not. I'm starting to really believe that whole "circadian rhythm" spiel and my body likes it's schedule.

I'm a geezer.

Tanza Erlambang said...

I take a while to adjust of time changes.
have a great day