Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Kids, skip this. It’s not for you. (Yet)

You know you’re getting older when a photograph of you from ten years ago that you thought was a bad one looks pretty good to you.

You know you are getting older when comments to a Facebook photo say something like, “Still looking good... you never age!”

You know you’re getting older when you are almost the age of the neighbor you once had who was “that old neighbor.”

You know you’re getting older when the next-door neighbor’s pre-teen sums up a long conversation with you saying, “Gee, talking to you is really not like talking to an old person.”

Yup, all from personal experience. Actually, that last one was downright neat.

And I’ll take ‘em all. What’s the alternative?

Feel free to complete--- You know you’re getting older when...


  1. When I see my self in the mirror

  2. you skip out on rope jumping because your knees hurt.

  3. I know I'm old because I see my mother when I look in the mirror.


  4. When you think young, but your body is now in denial of that. Mirka ... you have a long way to go! Keep enjoying your youth.

  5. Like you with your neighbor, I remember referring to someone I worked with as 'the old guy' (when talking to my family at home). And now I'm at least as old as he was, yikes.

  6. I always cringe when Facebook has those posts about how it's been 20 or 30 years since a movie released. Oy! Stop reminding me of my age FB! I prefer to live in denial. ;)

  7. When the person at the check out calls you "ma'am" instead of "miss." Getting old isn't much fun. Stay young as long as you can!

  8. You look at the friends you graduated with and wonder how they got so old. :)

  9. when you get asked if you'd like the seniors' discount, and you hopefully ask if it's 55...