Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Why Do I Love My Cats?

It’s not a state-secret that I like cats. But I LOVE my cats.

I have some dear friends who do not like cats. One doesn’t like animals, period. A second has always had a dog and just doesn’t care for cats. A third loves dogs, but only English bulldogs for some reason, and cats are “aloof to the point of being appalling,” so sayeth he. A fourth professes to like cats a little, but is allergic. 

I don’t have to explain my admiration for domestic felines to avowed cat-fanciers. But I do find myself justifying my admiration of the species to many of my friends. Why do I like cats? They’re beautiful, graceful, smell good, and, what can I say-- are self-cleaning. Most admirable.

Why do I LOVE mine?

Because in addition to all the above, I take care of them.

It was a revelation to discover that at the root of abiding love is the experience of taking care of the beloved. Not what they did for me, but what I did for them.

That explains a lot. We take care of young and very old humans in diapers. We pick up after them and let them scream at us. And then, when they have worn us out, we love them even more.

It isn’t what is most glorious or glamorous; it’s the care they made us extend.

For once, I have some insight into the divine love for creation.

And before I get too sappy and waaaay too lofty here, I’m heading to clean the litter box.


  1. I really like cats a lot. But I'm one of those who's allergic to them. Your comments reminded me of one of the reasons I prefer real Christmas trees to artificial ones (even though the artificial ones are much easier). Real Christmas trees need me to take care of them (to water them). Artificial trees create no bond with me, I feel detached from them.

    Your thought about God is very interesting. Not sure I've ever considered that aspect of the relationship.

  2. My husband had never had cats before we got our first place together, and wasn't sure he really liked them. I got him a kitten. Convert for life.
    We have 2 at the moment, and they are both very affectionate and cuddly with people. Makes them easy to love.

  3. My cat was quite evil, but now that she's gone, I miss her.

  4. I'm a bit allergic, too, but otherwise I like cats. They sometimes see wise beyond their years.

  5. I'm definitely a dog person but I can understand the attraction cats have for the people they own. :-)

  6. Dog person here, but I like your idea that we LOVE those we care for, young, old and in-between.

  7. I love cats, too. Those eyes, their grace and humour, and the ability to sense when one needs company or a little smack.