Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Has Sprung

The word for spring in Hebrew is Aviv. You may have heard it as a proper name, even more in its feminine form, Aviva. You may have heard of Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest city, whose name means Spring Hill. The root  of the word (letters AVV) pertains to a young sprouting plant.

But I so prefer the English word, spring.
It has more energy and connotes active bursting and flowing forward. The sound of it, beginning with constipated consonants jammed together, (SP) and opening to a forward flow, (IN) ending with what feels, to me, a sort of exclamation,(G)-- make it an ingenious sound for what is, really, an idea.

The idea is that we emerge from a bottled up state, a freeze or hibernation of sorts, and like just uncorked champagne we pop, gush and flow, hands stretched in an upward motion that says ---

Do you feel it yet? Spring, officially, just got here.

May creativity and life conquer all.


  1. I had no idea about Tel Aviv's origin. That's cool. I'm so glad spring is on its way.


    My mother belonged to the Aviva chapter of Hadassah, but I never thought about the meaning of that word.

    We've got a gorgeous, sunny day here and it does feel as though we've been "sprung" from the confines of winter.

  3. Happy spring to you, my dear friend! Hope it'll be a lovely one.

  4. Lovely explanation of spring! Enjoy!

  5. Today was sunny, but tomorrow is going to be cold. I wish the spring weather would stop teasing us and just get here already.

  6. I learned something new! Happy spring!

  7. I'm in Georgia (having left snowy Nova Scotia on Monday), so I'm completely immersed in and loving SPRING!