Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Me and the Blank Page

Oh, hum. A lament about what to write about.... Another one?
For some reason this is not a problem I have struggled with. Truth be told, (passive voice, I know. Phooey—rules!) I don't run out of things to say or stories to tell. This is not my problem.

 But who is listening?

So I sit (or walk, or vacuum) and think about you, the imaginary reader. What were you doing just before you bumped into my blog? What would add value to your mini-break from the things you must attend to, your own work, (official and unofficial) that which you care about and will get back to as soon as you click this page away?

And then, suddenly, the endless chatter inside me is silenced. The page goes blank.

I have no idea.

This is when I remind myself that Steven Spielberg said he makes the movies he’d like to see, and Stephen King said he writes the books he’d like to read. No matter that they're both Steves, sort of. They're also right.
And I get back to my internal clatter. Now I managed to write yet another post, and it entertained me.

And all’s well with the world.


  1. LOL, I confess too, that I write for myself first and then for others. I do like how the blog becomes a useful place to aggregate links and thoughts that I find useful, just like a real home with physical books, pots and pans, dust and drivel. It is my cyber-home and occasionally I clean it up :) Mirka, I'm glad I can pop by when I need a break.

    1. I'm honored to have thoughtful visitors like you to witness my rambling and musing, Vijaya.

  2. Whatever you write, Mirka, I'll read. Your thoughts are interesting, the way you write about them. I bet even your grocery lists are interesting.

  3. I love the way you think!

  4. You know, really, most of use never get to meet our blogging pals in person...this is the only way you connect and why bother connecting with anyone who doesn't like the authentic you? Write what you feel, girl!

  5. I always enjoy your posts, no matter what you write about.

  6. Ha! This is my problem, too. I never know what to blog about. How's your summer?

  7. For me, it either helps to think of what I'd like to read or to have someone I know in mind when I write. It might be the people who read my blog or my son if I'm writing a "boy" book or myself if I'm really writing for the kid I was.
    But still, no matter what, it's hard to face a blank page.

  8. I think sometimes there's a bit of choice paralysis when we stare at the blank page. There are so many options! But I like your [Steve] advice of going with the one we're most excited about.

  9. All is well, indeed, Mirka! We write what we want to read. (And I've really enjoyed reading what you've written, so keep going.)

  10. I think they are both right and I think that's why I chose the mystery genre, because once I started reading them, I was hooked. And now writing them is just as much fun.

  11. I love the blank page! It's my favorite part of the process. The excitement of an idea that's been simmering in my brain, the potential of a what this new story can be. It's so perfect in my head, and I haven't had a chance to ruin it by actually trying to write it. ;)

  12. Good reminder to write what we'd be interested in reading as there are always kindred spirits out there.