Tuesday, June 2, 2015


It’s a new lingo. ‘Splain it to me, Lucy~~~*

*Quoting from I Love Lucy really dates me.
Just the other day I asked a techie how the word "cookies" came to be the tracking inserted by websites, as opposed to the things we make and bake with flour and sugar and spice. Techie didn't know, but launched a long explanation that was full of yet more Computerese.

Language is a flexible thing, never set in stone. Volumes of interpretation followed even the Ten Commandments, the original of which were set in stone. It’s a moving thing. And that’s good, because so is life.

But things have been moving so fast, and faster, that the temptation to get off the bus and unplug is growing. I'm getting tired of feeling like an idiot instead of the wise old crone I imagine myself becoming someday.

Few things are more unattractive than trying to pretend to be hip and with-it when your bones are creaking and your mental screws are showing hints of rust. I prefer those who respect their age and time. But this means being left out of the conversation.

Or maybe we can have our own? Let the rapid-rollers feel left out, for once.
Ok, maybe looking back won't do it. Those days had their issues.

No solutions here, just a mini-rant followed by a sigh. Got to go and click some likes, and then link this post to a tweet.


  1. Don't try to be hip. Just be you—who I happen to think is pretty great. :)

  2. You're miles ahead of me, sweet friend. I didn't even bother to ask. Just pass me a cookie please, the real kind you bake in your kitchen.

  3. I'm right there with you, gal. Our devotional last night was about this very thing, although it was written 20 years ago and the author was talking about transferring her LP record collection to tapes just the week before she was given a CD player. She concluded with--"Change keeps us growing, seeing, daring. Change moves us out of our ruts onto untraveled paths where we must place our hand in God's." (Elizabeth Sherrill) And I was thinking, "OK, God, you're gonna have to be the one to change my attitude, because I've just been thinking recently that I'm ready to get off the social media train and settle in for RL person to person interactions, and be an old fogey."

    1. Let's fogey together. I hear there's strength in numbers... Eh, nah. They'll always outnumber us.

  4. I mess with my daughters by saying 'chirping' instead of 'tweeting'. Drives them nuts. Sugar cookies, please.

  5. Lucy never gets old. :) I'll kick up my hills with you and sit a spell.

  6. I love that picture about the tea (the 'serious' one). Don't worry too much about the lingo or on the likes, Mirka. Like Kelly said, just do what you're comfortable with and for those stuff we don't understand, maybe we don't have to understand them?