Tuesday, September 30, 2014

We’ll Never Have Unanimity-

And that is Why We Keep Writing

One of my least favorite speech clichés is, “When all is said and done.”
When, perchance, is that?
Busy folks know all is never done, even after it’s done. Writers know all is never said.

Biologist can’t agree on definitions for the word LIFE.
Psychologists can’t agree on what the word PERSONALITY means.
Anthropologists can’t agree on the meaning of the word CULTURE.
*Or the meaning of the word MEANING.*
And so we keep on talking, and telling, and writing. No matter what you think of Darwin’s theory, evolution of understanding is a never ending journey.


  1. LOL ... I had less than prosaic thoughts about why we write.

  2. I actually like this cliche! =) Not for the reasons you pointed out(tho all good ones), but b/c it sounds so...melancholy.

  3. Yes, we wouldn't even want to reach a point where all is said and done!

  4. Never thought of it that way. I often feel like my writings are a conversation I have with myself that I share with others (and on a blog, you have the benefit of bringing that conversation to others in a very immediate way).

  5. It's a good thing there are still things left to say and do or we'd be out of jobs. :)

  6. And we can't agree on what the word ALL means. :)

  7. Thank you for the comment :) Interesting post :)

  8. I just spent seven days on a writing retreat with three other writers. Other than writing, we talked about anything and everything, agreed on lots, disagreed, too. And we definitely could have kept talking indefinitely, trying to figure out the world. Which is kind of what we do when writing I suppose...