Tuesday, September 9, 2014

From The Mouth of Babes…

…And Everyone else's

In one of those moods today, thinking about unexpected insights I've gotten over the years from just about everyone I've known, when I realized there’s a theme, and it’s called missing DD.
I also woke up in a generous mood, or, as it is often referred to- a mood to share. I’d bet you have plenty such insights gleaned not from the famous wise-folks, but from your family, friends, neighbors, and a passer-by.

A woman is like a teabag. You never know her strength until she’s in hot water.

A neighbor, after hearing about my experience giving birth to the above DD

Luck comes when you are prepared to receive it.
DD’s music teacher

And finally-
The saddest thing about a person dying in the middle of talking is that you never hear what they were going to say.
DD, in one of her out-of-the blue utterings, when she was three years old

Can you tell I miss her? DD who's now all of seventeen, and probably having the time of her life at Juilliard, is never far from my heart. I was blessed to have DS before her, and fortunate to have him go to school not too far away. But the wise folks know that each of those we love is unique and irreplaceable.


  1. Ah ha! So that's why you were in the Big Apple! I'm sure she's having a wonderful time (while working hard, of course).

  2. Your daughter has a great sense of humor! No wonder you miss her so. Hugs, my friend.

    I never thought my mother would miss me (after all the trouble I gave her) but the summer I spent in CA, she told me later, she missed me. I still miss her.

  3. I'm sure she is having the time of her life, and she has you to thank for that.

  4. That last quote had me going "huh?" until I saw it was from your daughter at age 3. There's a budding genius right there!!!

  5. I love these--especially the last one! I was thinking, "How true...and CUTE!" and then I realize it was from your 3-year-old daughter. That's a smart girl!

  6. Wonderful quotes. I'm sure she's having a magical time, but to have her that far away at only 17 must be so bittersweet for you. Hugs.

  7. How cute. It makes me want to hug my kids and not let them grow up. Alas...

  8. These are all great, Mirka! How wonderful for your daughter to be at Julliard, but it must be so hard for you. You sound like an amazing mom!