Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Off of Blog-land...

...But just for a wee bit.

I'm an official chaperon for DD for yet another international piano competition.

I take a break from E-communication, while my computer stays home with DH.
Back in two weeks...


  1. Wishing you and DD success with her competition. Two weeks without a computer, immersed in the art of music, and close mother-daughter bonding time sounds absolutely refreshing.

  2. Oh, I'd love to just tag along to hear the amazing music by these amazing youngsters. Have a wonderful time and good luck to your daughter.

  3. Have a great trip and enjoy your break!

  4. Hello Mirka, I'm hopping over here per the advice of Karen. I'll be back after you return. Looking forward to reading more of your "bits of existential ponder." Which by the way, would be a fab name for a New Age rock band.

  5. Good luck to your daughter! I hope both of you enjoy your trip and your together-time. :-)