Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Back from the Boondocks

Well, I’m back and not worse for wear. In fact, I felt rested from no-cooking-dishwashing-driving and all things computer. “Felt,” because as soon as I opened my Inbox a deluge poured in. Two weeks of neglect made my computer furious. I could hear it hissing, “Who do you think you are not checking-in for ions?”

When it was done rumbling and grumbling, 486 messages were waiting to be examined. That’s four-hundred and eighty six, yes Ma’am.
Two days later, and I am almost caught up. Many messages were discard-able, true. But discarding three-hundred plus messages takes time. Then there are the others.

This got me thinking that I spend entirely too much time with Email. I’m not running a corporation; I’m barely running my life as a manager of my family. I value staying connected. I've gotten a lot from E-connectivity and can’t remember how it was before, in cavemen’s days. But maybe I don’t need it as much as the folks I see on their portable devices in all places at all times.
I now value even more the needed disconnection. Reminder on my E-calendar: do it again sometime.


  1. It's always nice to disconnect...and getting harder and harder by the day with all the gadgets. I, for one, spend way too much time on my smart phone. Welcome back, Mirka!

  2. I get an insane amount of email. I'm not sure why either. lol

  3. That's wonderful that you took that time away. I unplugged for unplug week in May and it really opened my eyes to how much time I spend on social media. I also felt so much more peaceful being disconnected for a bit.
    I do miss the good old days--and real letters!

  4. Real letters- what's that? ;)
    The last relative I had who would not use Email passed away two years ago at the age of ninety eight...

  5. A hiatus (or two) from all things "E" is one of the highlights of my summer each year. And I actually mailed three "real" letters this week! So glad you took time out for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation, Mirka. I am wallowing in my own deluge of E-stuff, and slowly swimming towards the surface. But it is still summer, after all! = )

  6. Oh, wow, and I was complaining about 26 emails that piled up in my in-box over a week. It's always good to disconnect. Now that my son has a cell phone, it is something he is having to learn.

  7. It seems every time I try to disconnect for a few days, it takes three times longer just to catch up on everything once I return. There must be an easier way...