Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Little Things

Another blogger’s lamentation of being stuck at home, because she slipped by the washing machine and tore a muscle, brought back a visceral memory.
Two years ago I fell tripping on the edge of a rug on the way to answer the door. The resulting sprained wrist and blue lip and black eye brought some pitying looks from people who would  never look at DH the same. The poor guy was nowhere near, but yea, right, they all say that. I could see it in their eyes- next thing you’re gonna tell me you ran into a door, lady?
But what struck me (aside from the hard floor) was how mundane it was and how much it took away from me (not to mention my spouse’s good rep.) for the next couple of months.
And I also never got to see who was ringing the doorbell. Probably a solicitation for whatever, dagnabit.
It’s the little things.
Maybe I can remind myself that these are also the stuff magic dust is made of. DS saw a wounded pigeon limping today. Near her were other pigeons, chirping away and doing their best to keep humans away from their crippled comrade. DS’s eyes were moist when he told me of this.
A little thing.

This is a contemplation of the little things.
This is a little post.


  1. This is beautiful, Mirka! Sometimes it is the "little things" in life that make the biggest impressions on us. Thanks for the wonderful post!

  2. I'm really accident-prone so I hear you!

  3. As the song says, little things mean a lot.

  4. The little things, indeed! Your story reminded me of the time I slammed the trunk door down on my face (yes, I *am* that clumsy and awkward) and needed medical glue to close the gash on the bridge of my nose. I think DH got a whole lot of sideways glances after that one! I mean, who DOES that? Me!

  5. The little things that mean a lot. I was a clumsy kid and got tsked at for all the little accidents. Love the story about the pigeon. :)

  6. The little things can definitely take over your day. Accidents and health issue are the worst.

  7. I'm happy that it was long ago and you are recovered now, and that the pigeons were taking care of their wounded friend. That is so awesome! It's the little things for sure.

    BTW, I ran into a chair in December and am still recovering, so I totally resemble this story! My DH always gets sideways glances when I get injured too, even when he isn't in the house, or the same state where I get injured.

  8. The little things still create ripples that reach all the way to the edge of the pond.