Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nowhere Near a Computer

After a year and a half of blogging, I made the earth-shattering discovery of how easy it is to have posts scheduled to pop here when (gulp) their writer isn't anywhere near a computer.

So this is where I am- nowhere near a computer. At least until next week. I'm still very much on the job as DD's chaperon for yet another international piano competition. She was picked to be one of twenty semi-finalists, (fingers crossed, everyone) but the location? Can't complain.
I’ll leave you with a hint, gratis of the very talented Canadian artist Shelagh Duffett:
© Shelagh Duffett


  1. Good luck to your daughter, Mirka, and enjoy your beautiful "undisclosed location!" = )

  2. How computer savy of you, I am very impressed. Our fingers are crossed.

  3. Best wishes to your daughter! Enjoy your change of scenery. (Love the illustration!)

  4. I wouldn't survive without scheduled posts. :)

    Best of luck to your daughter!