Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The World’s Most Best GREATEST---


Yup. That^

Have you in your sphere someone who prefaces mentions of people and things with extreme hyperbole? I do.


A doctor who had some experience with a sub specialty is referred to as “the world’s foremost authority on XYZ.” A friend who once collected some doodads is now “the world’s best expert on doodads.” The doodads themselves are now “the world’s most collectables.” You get the idea.

The internet has made hyperbole almost compulsory. Noticed how posts are labeled “So-and-so DESTROYS So-and-so?”

And for good measure, in the link So-and-so is referred to as “the world’s greatest.”


It takes both discipline and intention in writing well not to resort to hyperbole, but use neutral words to such an effect as to make an impression. This requires education and practice.

It also requires discernment, something increasingly lacking in public discourse on the Interwebs.

Simmer down, y’all. Take a deep breath and take it easy.


Kelly Hashway said...

LOL Yes, deep breaths. People often resort to hyperbole.

Evelyn said...

I plead guilty. I say, "Huge congratulations!" instead of just "Congratulations." I say, "You're incredibly thoughtful," instead of just "thoughtful." I agree with what you said, but I'll probably keep on saying 'huge' and 'incredibly' when I want to use them. You'll just have to bite your tongue, dear Mirka, think, "Oh, that's Ev again! She doesn't know how to make good word choices," and keep on loving me anyway. :)

Mirka Breen said...

Well, you are NOT the person I was alluding to, ;) as I have yet to hear you describe any authority you agree with and want to strengthen your position by quoting, as "the world's foremost." Honestly, who comes up with these badges, I wonder.

Vijaya said...

Guilty :) But it's hard to simmer down when you feel so passionately. I've always felt everything--joy, love, anger--intensely. I'm always throwing myself into things completely.

We are: Clamco said...

I just want people to stop saying "literally" all the time. Today a first grader used it!! He was so stinkin' cute though. lol

Mirka Breen said...

I will literally take this from a third grader <3

MirkaK said...

Someone I am close to used to announce about another person’s speech, “Hyperbole alert!” But over time, I came to see that he, in fact, was given to hyperbole. So now, when I hear him get into it, I announce, “Hyperbole alert!” and take his words with a grain of salt.