Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Greeting a NEW YEAR

To the purely rational mind, January first is just another day. This year it is a Tuesday. Another Tuesday.

But the change of a digit on the year-counter has an almost magical effect on the parts of us that are not purely rational.

A new year, and a parade of new hopes and dreams.

Some take stock in the year that just ended, achievements and regrets. I find myself doing that on the Jewish New Year, (Rosh Hashanah) as the ten days that follow it are meant to be days of reflection culminating in atonement. The secular New Year (Gregorian counter) is a time for renewed oomph and hope. No resolutions, just a vow to march on with stars in my eyes.

On January first, the verses of Thomas Hardy’s (1840-1928) Song of Hope are singing in my ears:

O sweet To-morrow! - 
After to-day 
There will away 
This sense of sorrow. 
Then let us borrow 
Hope, for a gleaming 
Soon will be streaming, 
Dimmed by no gray - 
No gray! 

While the winds wing us 
Sighs from The Gone, 
Nearer to dawn 
Minute-beats bring us; 
When there will sing us 
Larks of a glory 
Waiting our story 
Further anon - 

Doff the black token, 
Don the red shoon, 
Right and retune 
Viol-strings broken; 
Null the words spoken 
In speeches of rueing, 
The night cloud is hueing, 
To-morrow shines soon - 
Shines soon!

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year, Mirka! Happy Renewed Ooomphing!

  2. What a satisfying poem! I've read some of Hardy's novels, but very little of his poetry. I really enjoyed this. On another note, no resolutions for me, either . . . although I do have writing plans for the year. Here's hoping all of your hopes for the new year come true.

  3. Even though it's just another number, it gives people a sense of a new beginning. Hope.

    Wishing you all the best in 2019.

  4. There's something very hopeful about a fresh calendar page. It helps a lot that today is very sunny. Happy 2019, Mirka!

  5. Happy new year, Mirka! I'm wishing you the best.

  6. Happy New Year, Mirka! I'm enjoying my new calendars :) Looking forward to great things!

  7. Hope your 2019 will be shiny and bright, Mirka!

  8. Oh yes! So many opportunities for reflection and evaluation beginning in Advent for me. A very happy, healthful, and holy 2019 to you!


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