Tuesday, September 4, 2018


*Note to self

Blogs are dying. Lack of visitors has made many bloggers become former bloggers.Not only this blog, but other personal blogs.  

The survivors are specific aggregators of useful information (think make-up tips, relationship advice, celebrity gossip, none of which I happen to be a user)—these blogs, when well done and their authors work hard at gathering followers, are doing well.

But not the sort of blog I so reluctantly launched seven years and three-hundred and fifty plus posts ago.

There are times I wonder if I should continue, or let it sit inactivated but not deleted, like so many still on my Reading List. There they sit and stare like the Egyptian Sphinges (plural of Sphinx) by the pyramids of Giza.

Only these mysterious beings get plenty of visitors who come daily to return their frozen gaze. Maybe the analogy isn’t the right one.

Some months ago, one of the personal blogs I really like and follow had the author state that one of her mood lifters is remembering to do things that make her happy, like writing in her not-much visited blog.

I, for one, am glad she does. But the key was that it makes her happy.

Works for me. So I’m still here.


  1. I'm so glad, Mirka. It's one of the more wonderful things I discovered on the Internet.

  2. Yah! I'm happy you're still blogging.

    But I have to submit an official complaint about having to do a Captcha in addition to my own password. Can't read the darn things.

  3. Blogging is definitely dying. I often wonder if it's worth it, but I do get to converse with some loyal readers each week that I really do enjoy talking to.

  4. Mirka,
    This is news to me. Had no idea blogging is dying. I don’t have thousands of subscribers to my art blog, but that’s ok with me. I’m still happy to share my experiences and thoughts as I view art around the world and create my own. I enjoy the conversation with readers. If I weren’t blogging, my impressions would simply remain in my journal, as they once did. Of course, that’s ok too. But sharing them is a more expansive pleasure of connecting with like-minded folks.

    keep on blogging! Mirka Knaster

  5. I enjoy your posts (even if I don't always comment). I keep on keeping on with my blog because it's my own personal soapbox. It's something that helps me sort my thoughts out and lets me discuss the things that are important to me. It makes sense for writers to write, and one of those places I choose to do that is on my blog.