Tuesday, January 2, 2018

It, is, Yes it is---

Happy New Year

But then, it’s just a number, Right?
I think about it, and realize something. From now until the next new year, everything that happens will be recounted as “In the year of our lord two thousand and eighteen such and such took place.”

I never felt close to numbers. Unlike words, they are not my friends. But I know people who adore them, and some even love numerology.*
*Numerology: the branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers.

One of the people I know who swears by numerology believes there’s significant information in something numerologists call the master number. You get this number by adding all the numbers of one’s birthday, or the date of an event, until they are reduced to a single digit. Then, each of those single digits imbues significance to one’s life path, or in this case, the coming year’s essential path. It is its “master number.”

In this case, it would be 2+0+1+8 = 11
And then 11 is further reduced 1+1= 2
And so this new year’s essential path is the number two.
{If this sounds like mumbo-jumbo hocus-pocus to you, I agree.]

But what’s the harm? It’s kind of fun. It gives a strange illusion of some control over the future, in the way that knowing where the stock market is headed gives a sense that you can navigate it.
(Disclaimer: even the experts do NOT know where the stock market is headed. Apparently, chimps have made predictions that were just as good or bad, and this was the conclusion of a scientific study.)

So what does numerology have to say about the life-path of the number 2?

Quite a lot, it turns out. 

Here’s one summary

As the second of all numbers, 2's symbolism is the union of and peace between different entities. It seeks to end separateness and unite all for the greater good whether it be music, food or humanity.

That’s kind of nice. But it’s still just a number.

Let’s try to make it thus.


  1. I like that--seeking "to end separateness and unite all for the greater good." Definitely a worthwhile goal for the coming year.

  2. And I thought you were going to write about Peter Rabbit :) Wishing you an abundance of blessings in the New Year.

    1. "And I thought you were going to write about Peter Rabbit"---
      Or the Mad Hatter's tea, perhaps? ;)
      Many good wishes to you, also.

  3. Happy New Year! I have a love/hate relationship with numbers. I hate math, but numbers easily stuck in my mind.

  4. Ha! I can't begin to count (pun intended) the number of times I need to successfully memorize a number sequence, such as a phone number or lock-code.
    Here's to a wonderful year for you, also.

  5. Interesting thoughts about numbers. I'll have to share this post with my daughter, the actuary. :) I hope we all have a good year of the 2.