Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Why are revisions so difficult? Because a real revision (not tweaking here and there) requires seeing in a whole new way. RE—VISION.
By the time a story is submitted, it’s been revised and tweaked many times. So when it returns with an R & R (revise and resubmit) request, what writers consider as good a non-acceptance as there can be, it’s because it’s not the other R, the final one. (Rejection)
Revision! Yippy! But now I have to look at the story in a new way.

Maybe what I thought the story was about turns out not to be. Maybe a character that meant so much to me doesn’t serve the story well. Maybe a sub-plot is more of a main plot, or the plot isn’t a plot at all.

But…they liked it enough to want to see it again. Now, if I could only figure out why or what they liked… because a house once carefully constructed now feels wobbly, and the removal of a few of its support beams threatens to make the whole come tumbling down…

This is where Re-Vision is crucial.  To let go of the house I built and carefully decorated, I try to imagine the inner-walls in different places. Try to imagine a different entrance. Imagine re-doing the upper floor.

Well, that about describes the process from the outside. From the inside—there are no words, except—

It’s hard.


I just got through it, again. The house is still standing. Have faith, you can do it.


  1. It's funny how in the writing process, sometimes you end up telling a story that's very different from the one you'd set out to write, even in a first or second draft. Things happen, and an R&R offer is great news! Hope they like it, and that you've ultimately enjoyed revisiting your manuscript.

  2. Hugs, Mirka, and congrats on having completed your revision. I liked your analogy very much.

  3. Me needs new vision. AARR!


  4. I'm glad you got through your revisions. I've completely reworked several novels in revisions. It can feel overwhelming at times.

  5. Great analogy. It is like moving walls around and remodeling. With some novels, beta readers and editors suggest a few tweaks while others are major overhauls.

  6. So often I end up tweaking rather than overhauling. I need to go back over some of my stories and really re-vision them. Thanks for the nudge.