Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Groundhog Day

If ground-hog day was bright and fair,
The beast came forth, but not to stay;
His shadow turned him to his lair,
Where six weeks more, he dormant lay
Secure in subterranean hold—
So wondrous weatherwise was he—
Against six weeks of ice and cold,
Which, very certain, there would be...

~H.L. Fisher, "Popular Superstitions," Olden Times: or, Pennsylvania Rural Life, Some Fifty Years Ago, and Other Poems, 1888

Well, then— it’s today, and it’s all right if we missed it. GROUNDHOG DAY is for many young’uns an excellent Bill Murry movie, played over and over since its release in 1993. But the odd Farmer’s Almanac-like   custom is much older, and not less bizarre when analyzed. Does the groundhog see its shadow? Six more weeks of winter? Heh?

I think of it this way— the weather is uncontrollable. We want control. Give us some grounding from where we will navigate.

But I like to leave this post with a much more spunky quotation that should take us through the next six/eight/ten/please no more weeks:

It's a holiday entirely based on the power of a psychic rodent. If that isn't the epitome of awesome, I don't know what is.”

~Flying LlamaFish, "7 Reasons Groundhog Day is the Ultimate Holiday," 2010, PunIntended.com


  1. What fun! It was overcast here this morning and I was thinking of that awesome groundhog, but it's bright and sunny now, so I guess we're in for 6 more weeks of the cold-snow-ice. I'm curious. What do other folks do to celebrate this most wonderful of days? I've never done anything except to note whether it's sunny or not.

  2. I love that movie. As I like to tell the kids, the weather is what it is ...

  3. Very funny movie. Let's hope spring really does come early this year.

  4. Too much notoriety for a rodent!! Haha.

  5. I was feeling pretty hopeful back on Groundhog Day, but woke this morning to a major snowstorm. Oh well, like you say the weather is uncontrollable.

  6. I was feeling quite hopeful back on Groundhog Day, but woke this morning to a major snowstorm. Like you say, we can't control the weather!