Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The existential foolishness

…of this blog 

Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise
Proverbs 17:28

Herein lies the vanity and senselessness of blogging. But I’m not so proud as to avoid being a fool. Another way of saying, I put myself out there about this and that and the price is the appearance of self-preoccupation and the delusion of self-importance.

No wonder my more tasteful friends in real life turn their noses at blogging.

I certainly don’t do it to promote a product, (blogging of the personal sort rarely works for that) or to gain followers and climb some popularity ladder…
(Evident, I think)
… Personal blogs everywhere have been on a waning trajectory.

I do it because I like to. I like each and every one of you who read it, and I love when you chime in.

We’re all fools. Let’s frolic in our folly together. Winter is coming, and it can be dark and lonely out there, in the land of the seriously wise.


  1. I love posting something and waiting to hear what the thoughts of my 'regulars' are. Blogging for me is definitely a way of making connections. And it helps me w/my writing, even if it's a different sort from my fiction writing. All practice is good practice!

  2. I've grown attached to blogging, as well. I feel it's a great way to organize my scattered interests (& untangle my brain) and I love the comradery found in the blogosphere. Frolic on!

  3. Your quote about a fool who keeps silent reminds me of two things: Woody Allen, whose birthday is today, and who would so parody that; and the movie "Being There" starring Peter Sellers.

    Besides the main reason to blog, to connect with other people, I've found a side benefit. I found my writing voice because of my blog. None of that is foolish!

    1. "Woody Allen, whose birthday is today"--
      That's one birthday non-party where I'd love to be a fly on the wall ;~l

  4. For the pleasure, Mirka :) I never thought I'd blog but there was so much good news coming out of my critique group, I thought I'd explode. Never did I imagine that it would turn into something so enjoyable. As Marcia and Leandra put it so well, it's about untangling the brain and connecting.

    Sometimes it is the private responses that touch my heart the most. To know I've made a difference is a good thing.

  5. I like that proverb, makes me wish I'd stayed silent a few more times. As for blogging, we are writers and this is a natural venue for writers. At least it allows us to edit ourselves!

  6. Honestly, I think it's become a habit (monthly), but also to keep track of my life! I wish I'd started a journal decades ago, but any attempts I've made are short-lived, so at least my blog helps me keep track of my writing life:) And it's cool to connect with former strangers like you:)

  7. I like blogging and interacting also. Lately I haven't been around the blogging community because of personal commitments but I miss it and hope to visit a lot more :)

  8. Blogging is not for me personally, but I'm happily joining in your cyber frolic!!

  9. Yeah. I've missed blogging! It feels completely self-absorbed, but who can argue with some good self reflection? ;)

  10. You're funny, Mirka. Sadly, my personal blog has been growing weeds lately. I've just been too busy with teaching.

  11. It's most probably to find more people who like the things I like first, then to find more things to like from the people I meet and like.

    I blog because I want to let people know ~ hey, this is the sort of things I like, but what I've come to appreciate the most about blogging is the comments. Feels like I know more about this friend when she tells me about her English childhood, or that friend who has more cats than friends and who just signed up a matchmaking service, or that friend who bakes a pie for each of her children because they have different favourites ... :)

  12. I actually blogged about this earlier in the year when I was considering stopping my blog. It's my personal journal turned public. It's not exactly what I would write in a private journal because I know at least a few people will be reading it, but it's my space to share the things that are interesting to me. It's a strange kind of conversation where I take up the bulk of it, a few chime in as commenters, and others remain silent participants.