Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fox Update~

For those who were waiting for an update on the family that moved into our backyard, the Family Fox from this post, I'm happy to report they have likely moved to a more spacious abode. We heard their odd wailing/barking/meowing, from dusk to dawn, through the summer nights of June and half of July. Neighbors who've lived in this urban locale for thirty plus years, and have never seen foxes here before, reported sightings here and there. Then they disappeared.

Most likely the culprit was the arrival of Turk.

Turk, if you're curious, is a dog who came to town with his human. Turk’s human moved in to help a friend with renovations to their home. They live next door. Turk has the bark of a Great Dane, and the size to match. I suspect he’s a mixed breed of unknown origins, possibly a horse and an elephant.
I’m not a dog person, but this gentle (if loud) giant has got my heart. He’s also gotten the foxes, raccoons and opossums to flee away, as far as they can get to not hear his woof-woofs. My cats stay away from his yard, and occasionally run into our house in a hurry. This they do when Turk decided to tell them what he thinks of them. They do as cats will, making their fur stand on edge to double their size and appear larger. Poor dears. They don’t impress this mammoth of a dog one bit with their enlargements.

So why do I like this dog? Dogs, to me, are like people. Some just get you.



  1. Aw, Mirka ... Turk looks like a friendly chap. I'm not a dog person either but have met a few who get me too.

  2. "not a dog person"?! I hope that I'm the exception, along with my buddy, Turk.

    -- Echo Sheltie

  3. Turk is adorable! Dogs are amazing, truly loyal creatures. I love them.

  4. Here on the Bluffs suffering a little from "dogsickness" and hoping my husband is looking after my baby in my absence. Turk is a beauty, very expressive face.

  5. People who love dogs are the best people.

    Turk looks pretty much all Great Dane to me. He's a beauty -- and talented!

  6. Glad you've found a special friend.

  7. I'm a cat person but yesterday, a neighbour's spaniel (not familiar with me) trotted over to lick my leg and I started to toddler-talk to it. Mirka, I just read your interview on Vanessa's blog. Great questions and answers!

    1. Thanks, Claudine.
      If anyone has a moment, here's a link to the interview:


  8. finally something not about a cat for this dog-person!