Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Change= ‘Tis a Fixed Fact of Life

I put off making updates to my website as long as I possibly can, and then put it off even longer. My external excuse is that I struggle with the formatting and technical aspects of my site. It’s much less user-friendly than Blogger here. Inserting an image, or changing placement of such, has caused whole paragraphs to disappear. Or, even worse, to appear juxtaposed over each other in a frantic jumble. The techies in my house refuse to deal with it and I’m too embarrassed to ask again, after they all had declared my site a disaster area.

That is my external excuse.

Internally, it’s a different story. I loath to change because I find change traumatic. Maybe if I don’t make the changes for the world (or the handful who look) to see, they won’t be real.

But change is the third thing you can count on, after death and taxes. It will happen.
Me^ back when… Not anymore!

My bio, called About Me , continued to mention the next door neighbor’s cat who’d gone to heaven long ago, and not my own three who have been with us for almost two years. Worse, it suggested my two kiddos still lived with us full-time. That is insulting to college students, and if you know any they will verify. Alas, it had to be changed.

Making these seemingly tiny changes, I felt my insides squishing. You mean to tell me the kids have flown the coop? Must be. It says so on your official website, in black and white*. (*Black on blue, really. But you get the point.)

Chin up. I did it. It’s done, and it’s also true. Moving on.


  1. Some things I like to stay the same and some things I like to change. I change my blog header every month - which is good because if I don't I'll be wishing everyone Happy 4th of July in August. That's just weird.

    My decor gets changed less frequently...'cause it's expensive!

    I'm on the "last son at home," so I've got to practice twice before...empty nest is survivable. In fact, the last one was born when I was gearing up for empty nest with the older ones. Talk about dragging it out.

    I'm following you now...I rarely change that.

    Have a great day (and if you're doing a website where you can actually do something with the html, remember that you can space that stuff out and it won't change the look of the page. You can even add notes for yourself. Sometimes, it's easier when you have the bands of nothingness between items, like headers or tables).

  2. I avoid it too until it becomes too uncomfortable ... Good for you, Mirka! Love the photo -- good thing you are grown up otherwise I'd eat up those cheeks.

  3. Sometimes I welcome change and other times I fight it. I guess it depends on what the change is for me. Kudos to making the changes you needed to.

  4. Change is overrated. :) Glad you found a way to master it for now.

  5. I strongly dislike change, too. When my boys moved from elementary to middle school this past year, I was in mourning for months. Your new bio is terrific!

  6. Changes involving my kids are tough, but there is a part of me that thrives on change when it comes to myself. I keep teasing The Boy that he's going off to college tomorrow. We giggle about it now, but I know that will be true before I can believe it possible. Hugs!

    1. When DS was the age The Boy is now, he used to lament that it was not fair he'd have to live in a dorm when he goes to college. By the time he went to college, the lament evaporated and the lament went 180 degrees ways away... The Boy has a long way to get there.
      I wonder what it is about us that makes us talk to wee ones about college.... Are we preparing them, or ourselves? ;)

  7. Mirka, I love your bio! <3

    I feel your pain about change! I recently had to overhaul my site because my theme was so old it wouldn't show up on mobile devices. It was a terrible, scary thing to do, but I survived.

    I'm also in the throes of preparing my only child and myself for him to go away to college next year. Hate it. Just hate it. :(

  8. I love that picture of you--looks like a painting or pastel drawing. Your 'about' page looks great, too. I think I'm going backwards. When I recently updated my own 'about' page, I added in a long ago picture of my now grown kids. I guess it's my meager effort at keeping my family intact.