Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The May Days of Clumsies

Eeeek, I’m having one of those weeks.

You know the Jewish definition of a schlemiel- the one who falls on his back and breaks his nose. I've always had days where things seem to drop, er, slide out of my hand, I trip on things that aren't there, and don’t move my forehead out of the refrigerator door so rudely in its way.

But they pass, and I’m back to my usual almost graceful ways.

Only this week had started with all of the above and continued. For three days in a row.
My cats have been stepped on, (using the passive construction to evade responsibility here) and my dishes shattered at an alarming rate. I may be inching for a case of justified new china purchase. I’m afraid to use my car because that could really hurt.

No need for a neurological evaluation yet. I know what’s up. I am unfocused.
When my focus refuses to stay in and on one place, things happen. But a few of those boom-bangs and I say to myself, “Now focus!” and all’s well, until the next wave.
This time I don’t seem to even have the focus to refocus. I got the clumsies. I can think of reasons, but that doesn't help. What I need is…
Any ideas?


  1. Maybe try doing something totally removed from your usual routine. A break might get you back on the focus track. If not, you'll probably at least have fun!

  2. Oh I love that word. And the pictures. I wish I could help but it would be the blind learning the blind--or the clumsied leading the clumsier, I guess. Take a nap. Go for a walk, preferably in a place with no open ditches, holes or other potential danger traps.

  3. Focus, that elusive little beast. I'm mired in my own unfocused, clumsy state lately. I find a walk or reading outside to be helpful. Anything that lets the mind wander freely for a bit, and being out in nature always helps me.

  4. I am like this when I am "fuzzy headed"--which happens when I am tired or stressed or have WAY too much going on. Usually a rest day helps. Are you tired or stressed? Sometimes I also make a list of "doable" things and physically check them off as I accomplish them. This helps me tremendously! Good luck, and stay safe! = )

  5. I vote for a nap and a good book ... and let those kitties nip you a bit.

    1. Let them? One of them woke me up at three AM gently biting my shoulder...

  6. I'm very accident-prone, mostly because I try to do too much at once. I don't really have a solution for you or me. ;)

  7. How about hydration? Fuzziness might be an indication that you need to boost water consumption. Sleep is important also. I wear earplugs because the hub is a major snorer. Or a nice new box of sidewalk chalk and go 'Michelangelo' on the driveway. I'm

  8. You've been given lots of good advice, so I'll just say- chocolate. And maybe some catnip for the kitties... ;)

  9. Ouch for you and your cats, Mirka. Meditation requires some getting-used-to so maybe just concentrate on your breathing for 1 minute, take a good nap, or go for a walk?

  10. I tend to hit my head. Did it while cleaning under the table just this morning.