Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On the Perils of Learning How to Use NT*…

…*NT= New Technology= new to me=my new cellphone.

DD & DS informed me that a text message is much preferred to that old fashioned thing, a voice phone call. If I wanted to get a prompt response from a progeny not in a state of annoyance, texting was key.

I learned to text. It was rough. It was tough. But I got it down, with all the annoyance on my end, not progenies’.

Problem was I learned on that now-ancient keyboard, the sort where letters are bunched in threes and fours, and too many back-erasing clicks will send the text to Draft, if I’m lucky. I learned and perfected my texting on an outmoded, passé, obsolete device. If I complained about their texting preference, the reply invariably referred me to getting a new full-keyboard phone. Really, Mom!

So I did. And pro-geniuses were right. The typing of texts is now a breeze.

But it isn't only a full keyboard. It’s also a touch-screen. Very slick, ey? But I’m not used to it. In the process of re-leaning, I have at times done the wrong thing with this over-eager screen. My mere whiff of a stroke executes a command before I even have a chance to think of what I would care to ask it to do.

That’s where I was yesterday, attempting a text to DD to come out of the house and help bring some groceries in from the car. {I was parked at the curb, rest assured. Driving and texting is a never, not-ever, won’t-do-it.}
 Instead of texting, it called, and her voice said, “What…” to which I hastily said, “I didn't mean to call you. Come out and help me.” Then I hung up.

She didn't.  I considered whether my faux-pas, calling instead of texting, was the reason. So I took the groceries in myself. I figured I’ll raise the issue with DD when I have sufficiently recovered my strength, and my frustration with her was reduced to a manageable level. Then, hours later, I asked her about it.

“Oh, I would have come, but you never called me,” she said. Uh-oh.

I checked my new and improved device, and lo, the phone call was made to a dear friend I have not spoken to in a few months. A big Oopsy, because all she heard was my statement that I did not mean to call, but was in dire straits. She was next on my Contact list, and that touch screen… you get it. My fingers are just too thick or dumb for it.



  1. A story such as this is one of many reasons I dread getting an up-to-date phone to replace my duct-taped 2005 one!

  2. I press the wrong thing all the time on my touch screen. No one's fingers are that small. lol

  3. One of these days I might get w/it and get a smart phone... But for now I'll stick w/my dinosaur- it's cheaper! But good for you trying new things!

  4. Hee hee ... humans will eventually evolve to have hamster toes for quick typing on those itsy-bitsy keyboards. I, alas, refuse to join the club.

  5. I still have what I like to call my "antique cell phone" and I don't know how to text. It's pay-as-you go and no-one except my husband and the school nurse (and a few others) know the number. I rarely get calls, not surprisingly. I have an answering machine at home on my land-line, which also puts me squarely last century. I know I'll need to upgrade at some point, but your humorous post confirms that I'll keep dragging my feet 9and that phone cord) for as long as possible. =)

  6. Too funny, Mirka! I can definitely relate!

  7. Oh, I fully understand. I hate my touch screen. They sort of wear out in spots after a while. No matter how carefully or how many times I hit the "i" I always get an "o." Those I text often know this and ignore the crazy typos. But my daughter is always asking why I don't get a new phone, a full keyboard with regular keys. Oh how I hate change.

  8. I love to text. Because, hey, texting is writing! Making a call is talking! Texting lets you use the phone without, you know, "using the phone." I just got a new phone, but when I was in the store I found out I could choose between Android and iphone for the same price (99 cents). Yeah, I went with Android because it's The Known.

  9. Very funny, Mirka! But welcome to the smart phone and texting world. I'm not very good at texting either, and I watched my sister w/an app called Swype where u just glide your fingers to the letters in the word without letting go, and it's sooo fast!

  10. I hated the old fashioned cell phones and only texted using the carrier's website using a computer. I refused to do the 3 tap letter texting. Then I discovered smart phones. I love having a full screen but even better, to be forever connected to the internet and its enormous wealth of knowledge. Being a reference library you can understand why I go into withdrawal whenever I am not connected. But I hardly ever make phone calls on my smart phone, people do not know my number and I try very hard to keep things that way. In other words, smart phones are great for everything but actually making calls. For that you can use a landline.

  11. LOL Mirka, don't worry. You aren't alone in this. My fingers are rather clumsy, too, and not quite so dainty for smartphones. However I do prefer receiving text messages to phone calls. The latter makes me nervous, which is why my ringtone is always soft (and the music a calming piece).