Monday, October 10, 2011

Who's That?

I’ve heard that no one ever sees themselves as others see them. There’s no way to prove this, but is seems intuitive enough.
So when my then thirteen-year-old daughter looked at me intently, then at a piece of paper, scribbled and fussed and, finally, handed me what she thought was a portrait of me, I was baffled at the image.

Who’s that? ME?

The image hung on the inside of my closet. I didn’t recognize it as myself, but I loved the gesture.

On those days when my daughter was in a less than friendly mood, I would look at the smiling image she had made. I noticed that her mother is portrayed with intensely green eyes, (I wish) and wearing adorable earrings. I liked the person inside my closet, even if she was not me.

That red haired person cheered me up on many grey days. She’s neat one, her. Always smiling. And look at those teeth. They haven’t yellowed with age, or from too much coffee. In fact, I might like to have coffee and chat with her. Bet she’s got a fun story or two.

And now she’s out of the closet.


JLD said...

My blog this week is in a similar vein, but touching on how others perceive my family instead of just me personally. I always think people are looking at us and thinking, "Why can't they get their act together? They are always so unorganized---rushing to put their trash cans out at the last minute, almost backing into traffic because they forgot an appointment, chasing their dogs down the street because someone left the gate open, etc." Then someone will say, "How do you guys have it so together?" and I'm left speechless (and being speechless is quite rare for me : ) ) It's like when you hear a tape recording of your voice and are shocked by how it sounds.

I'm glad you have the picture your daughter drew to make you smile. She looks like someone I'd like to have coffee with, too.


Evelyn said...

So true! The concept of the contrast between other people's perceptions of us and our own perceptions of ourselves.

I like your daughter's portrait of you. I'm not a good one to judge the resemblance since I've never met you in person, but I'm glad the portrait brings you joy. The fact that your daughter wanted to spend the time drawing a portrait of you is a joy-bringer in and of itself. And it's clear that your daughter has other talents besides her music. :)

Ruth Schiffmann said...

This is so true. I often feel like I get a truer sense of how others see me if I see myself in a photograph vs. looking in the mirror. But who knows for sure?
Your daughter's drawing is lovely. I'll bet that your hanging it up made her feel as special as you felt when she drew it.

Marcia said...

Wow, I've been thinking about this just recently. So weird that we are the only people who cannot see ourselves! Imagine what that was like before mirrors and photography. Just a faint image in a rippling pond, if that.

Anne M Leone said...

Hah, I love that you hung this up, not to show off your daughter's work, but to admire for yourself. I need to took around for someone to draw a flattering picture of me now!

Kelly Hashway said...

Hi, Mirka. I got your message on the blue boards and couldn't figure out how to respond to it. LOL. So here I am. Sorry you had trouble posting to my blog, but I appreciate you contacting me to comment.

That is so sweet that your daughter drew you. I don't think we ever view ourselves the way others view us. It's kind of like hearing your voice on a voice mail and thinking, Is that really what I sound like?

Lisa Schroeder said...

Just had to pop in and say thanks for the laugh - "the door, not the inside." I kind of like being next to the cheese, honestly. :)

Mirka Breen said...

No, Thank You, Lisa. For anyone wondering about Lisa's comment^, she replied to my comment on her blog. Check it out.

Mary Witzl said...

Funny! When my daughter used to draw pictures of me, she always forgot the crow's feet and bad posture and never failed to change my sweatshirts into neat little lace-trimmed blouses with Peter Pan collars.

Hava Rembrand said...

What bothers me more that seeing myself in other people's drawings or in photographs, is to HEAR my voice in recordings. I hate that voice, cannot stand to listen to it!

Jeremy Bates said...

Wow! lovely portrait its awesome..:)