Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Rich Man’s Omelette

A few days ago I wished my picture book critique group a good summer and sent this as a good omen for getting lots of reading done—
© Summer Reader by SHELAGH DUFFETT

One of my critique buddies  responded with, “I want to be where this gal^ is.”
I thought how I am exactly where this reader is.
I mean, almost.

I do have cats, and one of them will jump on my lap, though never when outdoors. She’s too dignified for that, I think.
I do have a view of the bay if I walk a few blocks up the hill.
I have good books to read. Maybe I would read more if the to-be-read pile by my bedside was not so dauntingly tall.
And when I’m sitting by the blooming plants, it’s not to read, but to weed. I told you it’s an almost.
I do have a tree in the backyard I lean against. I do so when I’m tired of yard work.

All of that got me thinking about the old story of the rich man’s omelette.

A poor man returned home and told his wife he’d had the most amazing meal at a rich man’s house. The wife, eager to replicate it, asked what it was.
“We’ll need some eggs,” the man began.
“We’ve got that!”
“And some butter,” said the man.
“Well, we don’t have butter. But I can use margarine.”
“And some French cheese, such as Boursin or Pont-l'Évêque, ” the man added.
 "We don't have anything like that, " the wife said.
"What do we have? " the husband asked.
“We’ll use Velveeta,” the wife said.
“And we'll need fresh shallots,” the man continued.
“Onion power will do fine,” the wife says.
As they sat to eat, they had to agree that it was, well, almost.

This made me resolve to at least now and then try and narrow the gap between the summer reader above, and my life.

Be nice to yourselves, out there.


  1. What a sweet wish to leave with everyone! The gap I would like to narrow is the difference between my favorite prolific writers who have 30 books or so to their credit and my poke-along style. Don't think that's going to happen, though. I've been pokey all my life. :-)

  2. Recognizing that there's a gap is a huge thing!

  3. You be nice to yourself as well, Mirka!

  4. Yes, excellent idea Mirka. On our farm I have to force myself to sit and read. I feel like I am cheating, so much chore related work here. Then we converted our old farms retail store to my writing studio. There, I sit and dream and write and sit because it's a whole 'nother world I created for myself. Of course it took me over 5 decades to do this. I'm such a slow learner.

  5. I always try to reserve time in the summer for slowing things down. I hope you find your almost.

  6. I hope you achieve this vision of tranquility.

  7. Thanks for the reminder to take time and be good to ourselves. Love the story of the omelette. Enjoy your summer, Mirka!